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Cake Design 2020

The Italian Cake Design Championship will be held in Rome at CineCittà World from 24 to 25 October 2020, which will decide the overall winner who will represent Italy at the World Championships - "Cake Designers World Championship" to be held at Host Fiera Milano 2021. An event that will see the participation of numerous competitors from all over Italy, who will intervene and compete in full respect and in compliance with the distancing rules required by the Covid emergency.

The jury will be composed of 4 National and International FIPGC Excellencies with the qualifications of national and international judges: Cinzia Iotti President of the jury, Kristina Rado, Fabio Orlando, Gennaro Filippelli, to complete the jury Albano Manolo Equipe Excellence Pastry. The following will also be awarded: Innovation Prize, Prize for cleaning the elaborate and artistic inspiration, Prize for the best elaborate in royal ice, Prize for the best elaborate with realistic flowers, Prize for the best elaborate with modeling, Prize for the best elaborate painting and airbrushing, Award decreed from the Press. At the same event, the names of those who will become part of the Cake Design Italian Excellence Team will be announced. The art of Cake Design has increasingly seen this category alongside pastry, positively changing over the years with increasingly refined and refined techniques, without ever neglecting the aspect of the quality of the cake for goodness and genuineness in respect of the taste and tradition of nation of belonging.

The International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream, Chocolate and Cake Design, was born in 2014 and includes the best talents from all over the world, has seen growth, competing and achieving top-level objectives in a sector, that of Cake Design, which remains a professional reference point. and human for all those who want to undertake this path. The Miur agreement with the Fipgc is very important and decisive, so that the growth of those who undertake a path projected to pastry and its aesthetics, passes through a synergy of institutional and professionalism, for a dynamic, stimulating and in step with the times, the Hotel Championships are an excellent example of this. The Federation is therefore an essential step for anyone who wants to try their hand, both for passion and for training, at a targeted growth of the highest level. FIPGC is the Italian body par excellence that contributes to spreading and enhancing the culture of the world of sweets in a global way, which includes pastry, ice cream, chocolate and cake design.

Another fundamental purpose of the Federation is to unite the different realities (companies, schools, wholesalers, associations, artisans) existing on the international territory, in order to strengthen their collaboration and the growth of the craft sector of the various professionals present in the world; This synergy between the various professionals is also strengthened with the main three international events that the Federation organizes: - "The World Trophy of Pastry Gelato Chocolate" - "Cake Designers World Championship" - "The World Trophy of Professional Tiramisù" to the test the interpretative skills in pastry and ice cream, including the aesthetic vocations in cake-design, of each competitor. Through a unique team in Italy, which represents one of the sectors of the Federation (Equipe Excellence Italian Pasticceria Gelateria Cioccolateria,) made up of world champions of professionals for each category, FIGPC also promotes competitions and competitions, where competitors from all over the world participate and where excellence in every sector is awarded.

CartPart is present again this year as a partner of the FIPCG

Cake Design 2020
Cake Design 2020
Cake Design 2020

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