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CartPart produces boxes for product protection in various market areas. Currently the production is based on four types of boxes:
1. E-Commerce Box
2. Magic Box
3. Hand Made box (hand made)
4. Delivery / Takeaway Boxes

The E-commerce box responds to three needs:
1. Store and protect the product to be shipped
2. Giving visibility to your brand
3. Optimize costs
and are available in three formats:
Small 18 x 10 x 5 cm
Medium 24 x 18 x 5 cm
Large 32 x 22 x 5 cm
The logo print on the box can be a maximum of 2 colors, while the cardboard used is available white or havana .

The CartPart Magic Box is the perfect solution for you. Its principles are:
1. Keep and protect the product to be shipped or the service to be enhanced.
2. Giving visibility to your brand by increasing turnover.
3. Position yourself on your target market.
4. Give your customer a unique experience when he comes into contact with your company in the exact moment he holds your magic box in his hands.
5. Wau effect! Thanks to both the external and, above all, internal surfaces of the magic box, it is possible to create textures and imprint texts in order to convey and make people perceive all the corporate values.
The fundamental value that the customer is at the center of everything!

The Hand Made box is CartPart's most innovative product.
The box is made and sewn in a personalized way with a manual tailoring technique, around the product, according to the specific needs of the customer.
The features are:
Dimensions: From micro boxes to huge sizes
Materials used: paper, cardboard, fabric and others as required.
Shapes: Depending on the product contained, it can be round, cubic, pyramidal or other
Applications: Drawers, magnets or special inserts can be applied to the boxes.
All 4 features are based on specific customer needs!

The Delivery / Takeaway boxes allow you to promote the image of your business thanks to the graphics, the colors on the entire surface of the box, to guarantee your takeaway dishes the right look to be social.
It integrates removable parts that interact with your customers such as a qr code, menus, discount coupons to collect points.
Our boxes allow you to transport food ensuring its preservation at temperature and food integrity, the chemical composition of the cardboard make them suitable for direct contact with both dry and wet and fatty foods and also allows the storage of removed food in the fridge. than the use and heating in the microwave oven.
In conclusion, our boxes are designed for the take-away and home delivery of all hot and cold foods for pastry shops, restaurants, pubs, fast food and street food.


5 why personalized boxes

1. Increase the sales of your company / business;
2. To give visibility to your brand / logo / brand;
3. To position yourself in the market by distinguishing yourself from competitors; 4. To increase the perception of the quality of your product in your customer's mind;
5. To protect and store your products.

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The boxes can be customized with your company logo or graphics that reflect your brand image.
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