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Customized scotch / adhesive tape

CartPart is the leading company for the production of Scotch / Adhesive tape in paper and polypropylene with customized printing.
We have 4 types of scotch / personalized tape
1. Transparent polypropylene
2. White polypropylene
3. Brown paper
4. White paper
and 3 types of heights
1. 1,5 cm
2. 3.0 cm
3. 5.0 cm
Personalized printing is made for small quantities up to 3 colors.
In conclusion
A printed ribbon works perfectly as a branding tool, to show your company logo or name.
Packaging tape perfectly complements the design of your coordinated custom packaging.


5 because of Scotch Paper and Printed and Personalized Polypropylene

1. Increase the sales of your company / business;
2. To give visibility to your brand / logo / brand;
3. To position yourself in the market by distinguishing yourself from competitors; 4. To increase the perception of the quality of your product in your customer's mind;
5. To protect and store your products. A packing tape prevents the package from being opened during shipping. Perfectly seals a box or secures a bag.

Scintilla cartpart
Scotch / Adhesive tape
Transparent polypropylene, White polypropylene
Havana paper, White paper
Product categories
The Scotch can be customized with your company logo or graphics that reflect your Brand image.
Print Colors
Formats (H.)
1,5 cm - 3,0 cm - 5,0 cm
Minimum quantity