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Strategic partner of its customers


CartPart (Cartotecnica Partenope srl) is a leading Italian company in customized flexographic printing of paper and plastic film supports. The "Mission" is to become a "Strategic Partner" of its customers, providing visibility and therefore turnover to the customers themselves. Our customers are both Retail and Industrial shops, operating in all commercial sectors: Fashion, Objects and Gift Items, Floristic, Pharmaceutical-Sanitary, Confectionery, Caseareo and Food and Wine in general.
The project called "CartPart to CartPartner" was inspired by the strategic model of the "5 Forces of M. Porter", thanks to which the company has developed an Innovative Strategy, aiming at a very specific sector: confectionery, in particular to the pastry and ice cream workshops.
The "Commitment" of top management was fundamental in wanting to create a gap with direct competitors, in the awareness of having to raise the barriers to entry in terms of technology, organization, and first of all in terms of "Strategic Relational" , providing a "PVU", that is "Unique Value Proposal": Fast Delivery Times, Product Quality, and above all the breadth of the range with the "Coordinates" of the "Si Group".

CartPart with the "CartPartner" project has become a real ally for its customers as it offers "a competitive advantage" deriving from a mix of 5 factors:
1) Business Network with Companies of the "Si Group" (CartPart srl, Carpino srl, Artecarta srl, Ica srl, Decoridea Srl);
2) Investments in Human Resources - both in internal personnel and in multi-firm agents (Selection and training with Azienda Hi Skill srl);
3) Investments in Production with Technologically Innovative Machinery
4) Investments in the Brand: a) Registration of the “CartPart” Brand, b) Traditional communication through sector fairs, meetings; c) Digital Marketing (Responsive website, Social Network (Sia Lab srl responsible for Sergio Passariello), but above all partnership with an Innovative Start-Up Genesis Mobile srl, both in terms of digital culture and use of the innovative integrated multi-channel editor-mobile platform Genesis Mobile.
5) Product innovation: we have created (and registered the trademark) “Scintilla”: the most scintilla personalized transparent bag for dry food items.

This series of factors has allowed the development of the national market, through a network of multi-firm agents, wholesalers and customers in all cities in Italy and to start exporting to Germany, in order to achieve a well-structured internationalization. In recent years CartPart has wisely mixed years of know-how of the founding members (Barbato and Muollo families) with managerial and relational leadership skills of the current General Manager and Administrator, who have focused on training and motivation of everything the "unique CartPart team", employees, workers and sales network, as well as customer loyalty and their becoming real ambassadors of the company.

  • Cake design
  • Package for Cakes
  • Personalized boxes
  • Pack food
  • Scintilla