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Caputo Ippolito method
The TMA Multisystemic Therapy in Water Caputo Ippolito Method is a therapy that uses water as an emotional, sensory, motor activator, capable of pushing the subject with communication disorders, relationships, autism and generalized developmental disorders to a significant relationship . The TMA is multisystem because it evaluates and intervenes on the different functional systems of the child, that is, on the relational, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, sensory-motor and motivational system. The Multisystemic Therapy in Water (T.M.A.) Caputo Ippolito method was born with the aim of being part of a global rehabilitation project, which particularly takes care of the relational, emotional and social integration aspects. The swimming techniques and skills acquired during the intervention are used as a vehicle to achieve therapeutic goals and subsequently also implement the fundamental process of socialization and integration with the peer group.
The result of over 25 years of experience with children with autism spectrum disorder, generalized developmental disorders and other pathologies, the method was developed in Italy by two psychologists, doctors Caputo Giovanni and Ippolito Giovanni, the latter already author together with Gambatesa Maria Michela and Sanità Maria Lucia Ippolito from the well-known fable “Calimero and the Special Friend”, an educational story created to improve the integration of autistic children in the school.
Who can the TMA be addressed to?
To children with autism spectrum disorder and generalized developmental disorders, to children with mental retardation and psychomotor retardation, childhood hyper-anxiety disorder, attention and hyperactivity disorder, reactive attachment disorder, specific phobia of water, social phobia, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, psychosis, Down syndrome, motor disorders, childhood disintegrative disorder, relationship and communication disorder. COme applies
It is applied through the planning of an individualized intervention based on the human relationship and is aimed at re-education and modification of cognitive, behavioral, communicative, emotional and reciprocal social interaction schemes. The intervention therefore acts or can act on the alleviation of symptoms, positively modifying the communicative-relational processes, and inducing important internal changes (growth and development of the self) in terms of behavior and social interaction. The methodology of this intervention is divided into 4 phases (evaluative, emotional-relational, sensory-swimming, social integration), and uses cognitive, behavioral, relational and sense motor techniques.

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