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for panettone and leavened products


Bags for personalized panettone
Scintilla is a registered trademark of CartPart that identifies the line of polypropylene bags customized with your logo.
The Scintilla line consists of 6 types:
1. Classic Scintilla;
2. Soft scintilla;
3. Soft wicket scintilla with holes and vertical pre-cut with underwire:
4. scintilla pearl;
5. Metal Scintilla;
6. Soon we will launch the Bio Scintilla (with biocompostable material).
Scintilla is a CartPart product, which arises from the need to satisfy an increasing demand from confectionery and non-confectionery manufacturers, to pack their products in transparent bags to keep their beauty intact. In fact, Scintilla meets the required requirements, it is a packaging in all respects, transparent, customizable, excellent for maintaining the freshness and flavor of confectionery products. Scintilla is mainly used in the packaging of panettone, pandoro and Easter doves to protect and maintain their freshness before placing them in the special box or packaging them without. Thanks to its shine, Scintilla can also be used for the packaging of other foods and sweets.
scintilla envelopes are made with certified raw materials, you can pack any item in a fast, unique, personalized way and in small quantities. All items, fashion, cosmetics, clothing, leavened products such as panettone and doves, sweets, chocolate, sugared almonds can be packaged.
Scintilla is a transparent polypropylene bag more resistant and shiny than the classic food bag on the market. Brilliance is its main feature, in fact it gives the product an added value. It is no coincidence that its slogan is "Scintilla showcases your work of art". The other feature of Scintilla is customization, you are free to choose a texture, a design or the simple logo to be printed on the bag, to be ready for packaging, simply adding a bow with adhesive and the game is done, reducing the costs of packaging.
Excellent for maintaining the freshness and flavor of your confectionery products.
Show off your work of art ...

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