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Ampioraggio foundation - ecosystem and innovation

NEWS - JULY 2019

Ampioraggio Foundation

Ampioraggio Foundation - Ecosystem and Innovation
The CartPart family is enriched by a new fundamental member.
In fact, the partnership with the Ampioraggio Foundation - Ecosystem and Innovation is born.
The Ampioraggio Foundation brings together innovators and innovation accelerators to strengthen the offer and bring it to the markets. Ampioraggio creates an inclusive, innovative and innovative ecosystem, an incremental generator of work and economic and social wealth, with sustainable and replicable repercussions on the territories and on the country system. The Foundation creates new opportunities on the domestic and international market by generating socio-economic value for members and by promoting meetings between supply and demand aimed at the realization of sustainable innovation initiatives through the sharing of eco-systemic relationships and the pro-active involvement of companies, of institutions and qualified professionals in their respective and wide ranges of action and expertise. The Foundation is not for profit and cannot distribute profits, and operating surpluses, funds or reserves in any case denominated to founders, associates, workers and collaborators, administrators and other members of the corporate bodies, even in cases of withdrawal or any other hypothesis of individual dissolution of the associative relationship, neither directly nor indirectly. It adheres to the following principles: active participation in the management of the body by all members, pursuit of purposes of social utility, exclusive destination of assets for the pursuit of corporate purposes, opening of the organizational structure to the recruitment of those who carry out, even in subsequent times, capital contributions functional to the pursuit of corporate purposes, adoption of the majority system within the governing, control and executive bodies. The Foundation intends to carry out every action aimed at creating an ecosystem favorable to the development and entrepreneurial growth, both quantitative and qualitative, and identifies as the fundamental purpose of its activities, the constant search for innovation to facilitate the construction of a value entrepreneurship that is effective on the local, national and international market, with the aim of local development and social innovation.

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