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Cake Design 2019

Milan, 19 October 2019 - Over 100 of the best pastry chefs and cake designers from 5 continents will compete in Milan from 19 to 22 October to win the World Cup of the Pastry Championship "The World Trophy of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate ”And the Cake Designers World Championship, organized by the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate (FIPGC) within Host Milano, the International Exhibition of Professional Hospitality.

34 nations will have to give their best among sac-a-poche, Chantilly creams, sugar paste, ice cream and chocolate to best represent the land of origin. The theme of this third edition will in fact be Art and National Tradition: the winner will be whoever manages to enclose the culture, traditions and history of their country in the composition and taste of their creations.

"The last edition was a spectacular adventure in the world of elite pastry, among unique flavors, new sculptures and unusual combinations - said Roberto Lestani, President of the FIPGG - And this year it will be even more so. Lots of news: in addition to the world competition that has always been a source of pride for us, we will see an Art Gallery, with real works of art and live demos, a Contest School where there will be many young talents in comparison, and a lot other. We will see some good ones! ”. For the Pastry Championship, each team will be composed of 3 pastry chefs, chosen from the national championships that take place every two years in every country in the world, and a coach who will have the crucial task of guiding, motivating and supporting their team.

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